• UFC Submission of the Night for Peoria Area Mixed Martial Artist

    UFC Submission of the Night for Peoria Area Mixed Martial Artist

    If you are a Mixed Martial Arts fan in Central Illinois, then you should be quite familiar with the name Kenny Robertson.  What you may not be familiar with is the brutal submission that Kenny used to earn Submission of the Night honors this weekend at UFC 157.

    Kenny entered the Octagon with a record of 11-2-0, but quickly secured his 12th professional MMA win, and first victory in the UFC by submitting Brock Jardine (9-3-0) at 2:57 of the first round.  As Jardine defended the rear naked choke and moved into a tripod position in an attempt to remove the hooks, Kenny secured a grip on his opponents ankle and forced the leg forward, nearly reaching the ear before he forced the tap.

    Kenny Robertson Submission of the NightThe submission, officially recorded as a knee bar, actually places more force on the tendons than the joint.  In fact, Kenny tore an opponents hamstring in half while using the exact same technique during his college wrestling career at Eastern Illinois University.   Regardless, Dana White was impressed enough to tweet ““How sick was that submission?  Love the evolution of this sport.” before awarding Kenny $50K for submission of the night!

    Kenny trains with Bob Long from Central Illinois Combat Club, Peoria Athletic Club’s very own Ryan Blackorby for Muay Thai, and works with our good friends at The Human Performance Lab for strength and conditioning.

    Make sure to congratulate him the next time you see him training at the PAC!

    For more on Kenny, you can find his find his fighter profile and post-fight interview below:

    UFC Fighter Profile

    Kenny Robertson UFC 157 post-fight interview

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