• PAC Success Story – Spartan Mom

    PAC Success Story – Spartan Mom

    I’m a mom of two special needs children, with a husband that works full time which left no time for me.  I was a happy size 5 in 2006, but by 2008 I was over 260 lbs and a plus size.  I hated looking at myself in the mirror, and I hated shopping for clothes.  In 2008, I started Peoria Athletic Club – they are the best gym for me. When I started I was scared to do anything alone and I hated having people watch me. However, many people at this gym treated me like a sister, and helped me in every way they could. PAC changed my life forever.

    In November 2011, Michelle a good friend at PAC, told me about the Spartan Race that the gym was going to participate in. I myself was never really a much of a runner, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything like that. What is a Spartan Race? A race that is 6 + miles with obstacles throughout the course. So I went home thought about it, and the next day I signed up.  PAC started training for it two nights a week. The first week we had timed runs… keep in mind I am still the biggest person on this team.  So we were running and I knew I was going to be behind, and I would finish last.  But, I certainly didnt finish alone.  When my team was done they all ran back to me, and stayed alongside me until I was able to finish.  Now that is a team!

    My weight started dropping off, and soon I was starting to find happiness again – I had lost 60 lbs! There were times that training was hard, and if I was alone I would have just sat down and cried.  But, my coaches and teammates are with me, and always check on me – I never feel alone. You can go to any gym and do what they ask you to do; but, what gym do you find where they push you to do your best and that you are part of something bigger than yourself.  The spartan race is October 27th, so you will have to come back here and see if I finished the race!

    If you are looking for something to help you start a healthy lifestyle, then come check out Peoria Athletic Club.  We have all had problems, we have all had issues with our bodies ,but we are working hard at putting ourselves back together.  We all fit like a puzzle and we are all family here! So don’t be scared and do ask questions! Just get started and do something!

    Teisha Schindler

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