• BJJ Black Belt Promotion

    BJJ Black Belt Promotion

    After 16 years on the mats at the PAC, the second best looking man in Jiu-Jitsu, Bryan Hefner, was awarded his black belt by Megaton Dias, Jack McVicker and Brad Peplow.  For those of you who know Hef, he is a incredible guy both on and off the mats.  Bryan is a tough practitioner, and one of the best teammates you could ask for.  His technical skill, continual desire to learn and willingness to coach others around him undoubtedly contributed to his promotion.  We are incredibly proud of you, Bryan!

    (Pictured left to right: Mike “Joker” Aref, Bryan Hefner, Jack McVicker, Wellington “Megaton” Dias, Brad Peplow, Kyle Watson)

    In addition to Bryan, two other PAC members were promoted this past weekend at the Megaton seminar.  Chris “Cowboy” Alexander and Job Abraria were promoted to blue belt.  Congrats, guys!

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