Peoria Athletic Club has a sincere passion for empowering the children of Central Illinois with the knowledge and skills to build the success characteristics necessary to lead confident, fulfilling lives. Throughout 2013, we saw genuine, positive changes in our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students: A complete social turnaround for those that were chronically shy, chins now held high from kids that once did not have the confidence to look you in the eye, and situations where those that have been the victims of ongoing bullying put an end to the continual torment without ever resorting to violence.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of children in Central Illinois that face this same torment every day, without the resources to participate in classes that could have a life-altering impact for the rest of their wellbeing. In an effort to directly impact the life a child in our community, Peoria Athletic Club will be offering an all expenses paid scholarship for one child in 2014. Our intent is to make a lasting difference in the life of a child by giving them an opportunity to learn the art that will equip them physically, mentally and emotionally. Details on our classes and training philosophy can be found here.

Peoria's Best Kids Martial Arts ProgramCandidates should meet the following criteria:
– Must be between 6 & 12 years old
– Child should be experiencing current difficulty with physical or emotional bullying
– Must be willing to consistently attend two classes per week
– Parent must be able to provide transportation to and from classes at the academy
– Parent must be willing to partner with Peoria Athletic Club and support our teaching/training philosophy
– Child must not be a current Peoria Athletic Club student

If you would like to have your child considered for the 2014 Anti-Bullying Jiu-Jitsu Scholarship, please email your information and a brief overview of your child’s situation to no later that January 15th, 2014. Our instructors will review all submissions and award the scholarship by January 31st, 2014 to the child we believe we will be able assist the most.